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Redefining money since 2001

Amdocs Digital Financial Services

Digital Financial Services. Any time. Anywhere. For everyone.

Built on a 14-year, proven track record, Amdocs Mobile Financial Services provides banks and service providers with financial-grade performance for transaction security, convenience and best-in-class operational reliability.

Any time. Anywhere. For everyone.

Conducting 16 Billion transactions annually

Supporting 6 Million+ financial services agents

Serving 30+ financial institutions & service providers customers

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Amdocs Mobile Financial Services. Redefining Money since 2001.

The Digital Financial Services Transformation

Mobile financial services are now available in 93 countries worldwide across a total of 271 services**GSMA State of the Industry Report - 2015. Affordable mobile phones are one of the most dramatic game-changing technologies in the developing world* Read: GSMA Global Mobile Economy Report - 2015.

Are you ready for what’s next?

Stand on Our Experience

Leverage 14 years of experience in providing digital financial services with over 30 financial institutions and service provider customers. Embrace the digital transformation with our convenient payment and financial inclusion solutions covering the full gamut of digital financial services. Engage our 450+ business & IT experts in payments and financial services for your digital financial services.

Stand on the most advanced financial-grade digital financial services technology.

Our Solutions

Amdocs mobile money & digital banking solutions are purpose-built to meet the diverse needs of the global financial services industry. Stand strong on open, scalable, interoperable digital finance technology.

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Our Technology & Services

Digital Financial Services Platform + Financial Center of Excellence + Business Accelerator

Amdocs digital finance solutions combine the most advanced financial-grade platform with 450+ business and IT experts in payments and financial services. We accelerate market adoption and growth of mobile financial services.

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