Service Control Point


Convergent charging offers your “hybrid” customers a mix of prepaid and postpaid services. But how can you incorporate real-time charging with your legacy intelligent network services and the future value-added services you plan to launch for convergent customers?

The Amdocs Service Control Point combines the functions of a prepaid intelligent network service control point and a network-convergent telecom application server which supports both circuit-switched and packet-switched services.

The Amdocs Service Control Point also incorporates a network service brokering function which facilitates the orchestration of the charging session control with other external intelligent network services or IMS application servers, leveraging your existing investment to enrich your customers’ user experience.

With AmdocsService Control Point integrated with the Amdocs Convergent Charging Solution, you can achieve:
  • Full network convergence from legacy circuit-switched networks to next generation networks and IP multimedia sub-systems (IMS).
  • Increased ARPU through a large portfolio of additional applications  
  • Integration with multiple external charging systems – whether Amdocs or third-parties
  • High performance, low latency, and “five nines” high availability
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