Prepaid Charging

Ready today for tomorrow's prepaid

The prepaid market continues to be one of the strongest growth engines in the communications, media and entertainment industry with yearly service revenues expected to reach over $380 billion by 2013. Within the next four years, it is estimated that prepaid subscribers will account for nearly 75% of the worldwide mobile subscriber base!

The Amdocs Prepaid Solution delivers end-to-end prepaid functionality while maintaining the flexibility to work with third-party vendors.

End-to-end prepaid, from network to customer management

  • A comprehensive service platform with full support for any network type (wireline, wireless, cable, etc.) or profile (GSM/UMTS, CDMA, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, CDMA 1X)
  • Scalable and robust service control and service brokering capabilities based on Amdocs Next Generation SCP
  • A powerful and intuitive service creation environment (SCE) which enables the rapid creation of unique, innovative prepaid services
  • Fully 3GPP-compliant real-time charging with superior performance for complex event processing

Affordable scalability supports massive growth scenarios

  • Superior real-time performance over low cost hardware
  • Massive, cost-efficient scalability
  • Fully certified and benchmarked on Blade servers

Convergence ready

  • Single real-time charging engine across prepaid and postpaid; centralized product definition across any service or line of business
  • Sophisticated customer models (families, hybrid customers) as well as multi-tiered hierarchies for corporate customers
  • Sophisticated customer relationship management via pre-integrated Amdocs and self-service

Flexible, open design reduces vendor dependancy

  • Network independent
  • Choice of any hardware platform (IBM, HP, SUN)

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The Amdocs Prepaid Charging Solution is well positioned to meet both current and future prepaid business requirements with a robust, sophisticated end-to-end prepaid product. It delivers a complete network connected solution from service creation and delivery through real-time rating and customer management.